Venue Hire


Venue hire includes the use of tables and chairs, reception area and standard cutlery, crockery and lighting.

  • Saturday / Public Holidays | R 18 000
  • Sunday | R 18 000
  • Friday | R 18 000
  • Weekdays | R 16 000
  • Winter Months | R 16 000

Chapel hire includes the podium, chairs, DJ table & registry table.

  • Indoor Chapel Hire | R 2500
  • Outdoor Chapel Hire | R 3000

Event Planning


Leave all the stress and planning to our experienced staff, who will ensure that you walk away with the greatest memories. We provide a service of world class standards and can handle everything from your dream wedding to large corporate functions and events. Our trained and enthusiastic staff and selected professional service providers will ensure that your event goes off like clockwork, and that the only thing you’ll need to focus on is enjoying yourself.

We offer delicious food, a great atmosphere to party with close friends and family, private bathrooms as well as secure parking. Allow our talented chefs to create a mouthwatering menu for you and your guests. The manager is always available to help where she can.